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Pegasus 3 Thread Overlock

Created by: Super User
Price: £1075,00

Pegasus 3 Thread Overlock Industrial Sewing Machine, complete complete on castered stand with a clutch or DC energy saving motor.

All our machines are built inhouse and feature full earth bonding thoughout and are supplied with Operators Set-Up and Troubleshooting DVD.

The Pegasus overlock is ideal for Curtain Making, Cushions, Upholstery and general overedging.

The Stitch Length: 0.8 - 3,2 mm

The max speed of 7.000rpm (The maximum speed depends on the sewing condition)

Differential ratio: 1:0.7 ~ 1:2,8 Standard stitch length: max. 3,2 mm

Stitch length adjustment: Push button type 

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