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Sunstar KM-2070 Zig Zag Industrial Sewing Machine

Created by: Super User
Price: £3720,00

Sunstar KM-2070 Full ISU Zig Zag Industrial Sewing Machine, complete on castered stand and LED sewing lamp.

All our machines are built inhouse and feature full earth bonding thoughout and are supplied with Operators Set-Up and Troubleshooting DVD.

The Sunstar KM-2070 can be used on a wide variety of products including Neoprene, elastic goods, foundation garments, brassieres, underwear, apparel and accessory groups.

Its is available to perform straight seam, zigzag seam, butted seam and decorative seam on medium heavy duty articles, such as shoes, case&bag, canvas goods, leather goods, sofa's etc.

Division KM-2070-7M
Zigzag 8 mm ( 10 mm : 2step, 3step )
Sewing speed Maxmum 5,000 spm ( taking 4,000 spm )
Stitch width Maxmum 2.5 mm Maxmum 5 mm
Needle used SY 1965 Nm 70/10 or DP x 5 # 10
Hook DP hook ( Inner hook of titanium ) : offset
Presser foot hand 6 mm
knee 10 mm
auto knee 7 mm ( option )
Auto thread trimmer
Upper thread supply device
Pattern Basic offer : 8 type 16 pattern
User input pattern : maximum 99 pattern, pattern by 256 needle
Pattern inputable Operation panel
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